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Published Jul 28, 21
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Where rocky soils prevent specified lengths, the bar, rod or pipeline should be driven to rejection at depths where it will stay stable. ii) Concrete monoliths shall be a minimum size of 5" in size by 24" in length, or 4" square by 24" in length, and shall have an accurate corner mark and will be enhanced by a minimum of a" re-bar or" or larger iron pipe.

B) Requirements i) Where positioning of corner monoliths is a condition of the survey and it is physically impossible or impractical to set a monument at the corner, a witness corner or corners will be set, or kept in mind if existing witness corners are discovered. Witness corners shall be referenced to the survey corner or study lines.

Material and size for monoliths will be picked in regard to the terrain and circumstance that exists at the website of the survey. All monuments will be set vertically whenever possible. 6) Plats. On all limit surveys the completed plat will be made use of a stable and long lasting medium with a minimum size of 8" by 11" and will include the following: A) Company name, address and registration number.

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The licensee may provide, at his or her sole discretion, an initial signature in the licensee's handwriting, a scanned copy of the document bearing an original signature, or a signature generated by a computer. F) Date of completion of field work.

H) Legend for all signs and abbreviations utilized on the plat. I) Monoliths or witness corners, whether set or discovered, intended to represent or reference corners of the study, shall be shown and described as to size, shape and material, and their positions noted in relation to the study corners.

Where record angular measurements, bearings or azimuths, direct measurements or curve data exist, such information will be revealed on the plat and identified from measured dimensions or data - Topographical Surveyor Thetford. Area of the survey is to be shown on the face of the plat unless otherwise requested by the customer. K) Where bearing, azimuth or coordinate systems are utilized, the basis or correct names of the system will be kept in mind on the plat.

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M) Visible physical evidence of belongings or profession in either case from the exterior lines of the survey will be revealed and dimensioned. N) Show visible proof of enhancements, rights of method, easements, or use when requested by the customer. O) Exculpatory statements that try to limit making uses of boundary surveys will not be affixed to any plat.

All field work will be carried out by an expert land surveyor or an individual under his/her direct control and guidance in accordance with accepted approaches of surveying theory, practice and procedures. It is the obligation of the expert surveyor to guarantee conformance with the following particular requirements: A) All surveying instruments will be kept in correct change and calibration.

Each corner or monolith recuperated shall be assessed as to its agreement by description and place with the details in subsection (b)( 4 ). C) Other evidence that might affect the location of the lines or corners of the study shall lie and evaluated. Topographical Surveyor Gorleston-on-Sea. D) When the survey is of an aliquot or divisional part of a larger system, adequate field work need to be carried out to ensure that the presence of excess or shortage, if any, in the parent system can be determined and distributed by the expert judgment of the property surveyor.



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