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Published Jul 28, 21
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You might have become aware of a management consultantand you could even have good friends with the title (Right Of Light Consultants Leigh). They may talk of travel, clients, presentations, and spreadsheets, however, well, what do they actually do throughout the day? How did they land the role to begin with? And, most importantly, could a task like that be a suitable for you? To find out, we turned to the experts: former and current specialists.

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What Do They Do All Day? Being a management specialist is everything about having a "Swiss Army knife of solutions you can utilize to deal with a client," states Brad. The majority of specialists deal with just a few tasks at a time (and often just a single project, depending on how large the client is) so they can really focus in on their customer's requirement.

However it deserves absolutely nothing that, in general, larger firms need weekly travel, while smaller ones tend to offer more balance. Andrew Conrad, an independent expert, truly enjoyed that part of the task. "It was nice to have a group of peers that you could both work with and hang around with socially," he says.

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While you may have time for meals with your group or the client, there isn't ample downtime when on the road. "The hours are long, you typically get in before the customer shows up, and remain after the client leaves," says Rob. "After supper out you typically spend a part of your night continuing to work on deliverables," he includes.

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Much of your time as a consultant will include evaluating information and gathering a story, and eventually suggestions, for the customer. However, a huge piece of the task will include speaking with workers, presenting information to a group of executives, and encouraging the essential gamers that your suggestions are sound.

Or, if the firm tends to hire mid-career experts, you can take other approaches. You may be able to discover an alumni of your school who has worked at the consulting firm you're interested in and choose their brain on what it takes to break in.

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